2002 - 2126

2002 - 2126


Zepelines / Zeppelins

Why did we give up on them? / ¿Por qué nos deshicimos de ellos?

They sometimes blew up but that was because of using hydrogen as a lifting agent. These days we would use helium. Helium is expensive and escapes quicker than hydrogen but surely our science has advanced to offset the leakage problem, and the cost of helium should be offset by the free lifting ability (requires no fuel to get airborne). The Graf was a fairly primitive version but got round the world in about 3 weeks with 60 people on board. It took about 2 days to go from New York to England at about 75mph. People could look out of open window as it didn't fly all that high. These things even could, in theory, stop almost anywhere, no need for damn airports.

Apparently the Germans only used hydrogen because the yanks made all the helium and artificially raised the price.
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